Crafty Maze!

I’ve been looking at various game framework/libraries/engines for a long time now. I started my endeavor in 2006 with Torque Game Engine and have continuously been looking at technologies as they come out.

I posted something a while back about building a Maze in Objective-C. I used cocos2d then. Since then, I’ve been using very similar maze code as my “hello, world” of game frameworks.

Recently I looked at Craftyjs . It’s pretty sweet. Here’s my hello, world (bugs and all). There are some performance issues that I could likely optimize out and various other tweaks that I could make. Overall, I don’t really care. My “hello, world” is strictly to get a feel for the framework. I got a feel for it and would recommend it. It’s very much what I’ve wanted from the component entity pattern in a game framework.

The code: