Legs that went to heaven’s gates walked in red high heels and a short black skirt after a long night of dancing. A few drinks too many had eventually led to a spill on the low cut shirt. Decision making not at its finest, the shirt came off and a small thin jacket revealed much of the firmly pushed up breasts. Flowing red hair bouncing as those magnificent legs turned down an alleyway to get home quickly. A minute later, red painted lips separated in surprise as a hugely muscular man rounded a hidden corner, slamming an open hand against an overflowing breast.

“Whoa! I’m so sorry!” a deep, surprised, and reassuring voice was a relief to hear.

“That’s okay.” in response, shyly.

“Lady, you shouldn’t be walking this area at this time of night. I’m not going to cause any trouble. If you let me walk with you until you hit a busy street I’ll make sure you get there okay and I’ll be on my way.”

“That would be nice, thank you.” suspicious and on guard

The chill in the air started to bite and a shiver caused notice.

“Here, take my coat.” as he slipped off his coat and placed it on her shoulders.
“You’re too kind. I appreciate it.”

A few blocks of walking together with awkward conversation and it was clear he wasn’t going to get anywhere with her. She was super model caliber and he was, at best, a common thug. The bouncing walk made her notice a few heavy items in the coat. Deduction was quick and easy. Top left inside pocket was slowly hitting against the underside of her left breast and seemed to contained a large heavy wallet. Bottom right outside pocket was heavier and coming back to hit her upper thigh with a slight thud, contained a gun. Seems he’s not that smart either.

She noticed the street was empty and, nervously, she mentioned that she thought a gun was in his coat. “Could you get it? I don’t want to get in trouble. I’m sorry to worry.”

“Oh, yea. uh. hmm. No problem. I .. uh, have a permit and a conceal carried license. I’ll get it.” Conceal carried license? Jesus. He might as well have just told her he bought the gun from a baby. Equally believable.

As they walked, he reached into the pocket to fulfill her request but the pocket was empty. A quick movement caught his eye as the butt of his gun came crashing down against his temple. Out cold.

It seemed as though she didn’t even break stride as he fell. He was likely a seasoned head trauma victim so she suspected he’d be up shortly. She sped up, grabbed his wallet, took off his coat and left the gun with it on the ground.

In quick order, she found the third alleyway to her right and took it. Placing the wallet on the inside of her tiny jacket, under her supple right breast causing a slightly larger bulge. They’re not always the same size, right? Shouldn’t be noticed. She heard a loud shout and heavy footfalls going away from her. She slowed to help muffle her heel clicks. She rounded the alley into a slightly more populated street continuing to walk towards a main street.

In a cab on the way home she felt a little bad that she hit him. She reasoned that he was used to it and let it go.

In her bedroom, as she sifted through the large wallet, she got worried. After counting out six thousand dollars in hundreds, twelve fake IDs, and three odd looking electronic items, she started thinking she may have stolen from the wrong guy.

With the IDs in the garbage and the money in her safe, she began looking over the small electronic cards. Well, they looked like cards. Two of them were credit card sized with four LEDs on one side. A strip similar to a credit card on the other side. Looked like some sort of key maybe. The other card was in a sealed black plastic case. It had a little weight to it and a micro usb port on one of the short sides.

She lost curiosity quickly and just set the cards in her night stand. She was starting to feel hung over and needed to sleep. After a quick shower she laid down for the night and sleep quickly reined her in.

Some rustling woke her up early in the morning. A group of five men stood against her wall and a very well dressed man sat in the only chair in her bedroom off to her right. A swollen eye on one of the men brought about recognition.


“Don’t ‘Hi’ me young lady!” the well dressed man angrily retorted. “You realize a blow to the temple can be deadly? Jimmy is a good man. He meant you no harm and was being true to his word.”

“I didn’t know he worked for you.”

“That’s no excuse! And for you to be walking around mostly naked at two in the morning? What is wrong with you?! If Jimmy didn’t have such a good heart you could’ve gotten hurt!”

“Dad, stop. I’m a grown woman. You need to stop spying on me!”

“I didn’t.”

“How did you know it was me?”

“We tracked you. I came here intending to kill the beautiful woman that stole from my well meaning employee. His wallet had a GPS. It’s too bad it turned out to be you. I was looking forward to a simple murder.”

Lesson learned. She had nothing to say to that. She messed up this time and got caught.

“Now listen. Since I won’t let Jimmy hurt you, he wants an apology.”

“Sorry Jimmy.”

“Ha. If only it were that simple. You’ll go on three dates with him and show him off at any major event we attend for the next year. In that time, you won’t date anyone else. You get me?”

“That’s ridiculous. You can’t force me to date someone, Dad. I’m not going to let you push me around like I’m your puppet.”

“Alright, no problem. We’ll just get you locked up for assault with a deadly weapon. We got your prints and the crooked cops to say what we tell them. You need to learn a lesson somehow. Be embarrassed that you have to do what I tell you or be embarrassed that you have a felony on your record.”

“You are impossible sometimes, Dad! Oh my god. Fine. I’ll date your employee like I’m a prostitute. That’s what you want? Fine. I know how much you like the word of your people. You have my word, I’ll be his prostitute for you.”

“You’re always a drama queen. Let’s go boys. Jimmy and my daughter have some making up to do. Maybe he can keep her out of trouble. God knows I can’t.”

Jimmy didn’t quite like the idea of being forced to date someone but she was damn hot. If even he only got to second base he would have something to brag about for years. He knew she would at least be a friend to him for a year so that was better than nothing. He wasn’t going to force her to go on a date with him but it would be nice to have a lady on his arm for those big family events. In the mean time, he just wanted his stuff back. He waited for the boys to leave before talking.

“Listen. I just want my wallet, money, cards, and IDs back. I’m not going to make you go on any dates with me if you don’t want to so don’t worry.”

As she got up out of bed to get his things, she said “I’m sorry I hit you Jimmy, you seem nice. I was a little drunk and got carried away. I have a tendency to look for excitement when I probably shouldn’t. About the dates. My dad said that we have to go on three so we’ll do that. I gave him my word. Plus you’re cute enough anyway.” She winked.

To say Jimmy wasn’t excited would be a lie. It’s not easy getting dates in his line of work. To have the boss’s blessing is a huge benefit.

Over the next three weeks they went on five dates. They hit it off on the second date and Jimmy was surprised at how laid back she could be. She dressed to perfection on every date in little black and red dresses, slimming and accentuating. She was extremely down to earth and seemed genuinely interested to hear about Jimmy. The boss didn’t really let anyone know he had a daughter so it was refreshing to be left alone by others in the business when they saw Jimmy with her. It was nice to be seen in public with a woman that really wanted to be around him, too. His typical escorts were vapid and severely distant.

He found that she especially liked his jokes. He loved her laugh so it worked out very well. He would always try and mix in some wit into any stories he told to keep her smiling. Deep green eyes fixed on him kept him on his toes when he spoke. He tended to put effort into the composition of his sentences to keep her focus. He worked on not sounding dull and keeping excitement in his voice. In all his effort he was realizing that he was truly falling for the girl.

Boss calls up one day and lets him know that there’s a family event. His instructions are to call the daughter and inform her that she’s to be Jimmy’s date. No one is to know that she’s the boss’s daughter.

Instead of just informing her, Jimmy goes over to her place with flowers and invites her to the party. He’s never been so nervous. She was very flattered at the gesture. She had to say yes because she gave her word. But she also said yes because she wanted to. She loved the big goof. Well, not loved. Maybe loved? Whatever. She kissed him.

The day of the event had Jimmy jumping with excitement. So many people are going to see that he has a better half and is now a better whole. All those times he gave up meeting someone so he could keep working had paid off. He waited and found someone that made him feel happy. He wasn’t worried about her either since she could hold her own. She was very honest to the people she held dear and he was proud to call her his girlfriend. Long term. Hopefully.

He picked her up at seven and they talked the whole drive. They seemed to be able to hold conversations no matter what it was about. He kept her smiling and laughing and she kept the conversations flowing. When they arrived, he got a lot of looks when he opened the door for her. Her stunning blue dress was cut above the knees and hugged all of her curves. The neckline dropped just enough to show a couple inches of smooshed breasts. Sleeveless with a small purse for her various womanly equipment, including her gun. Jimmy was a tad bit too excited as she got out of the car.

“Jimmy, your excitement is showing” as she looked at bulge in his pants.

“Don’t worry, people will be busy looking at you.” he smiled at her.

They mingled for a bit and it seemed like all the people that never talked to Jimmy came over to introduce themselves to the two of them. Jimmy kept her smiling and laughing and surprised himself with how calm he kept at some of the awful attempts to pull her away from him. They were jealous of him. This is a first for him. He wasn’t exactly liking their jealousy. But he was liking the fact that he finally had something in his life that gave people reason to be jealous.

After about an hour of various introductions and short conversations, the music came on and people started dancing. With the dancing came out some booze. The favorite drink of the event, however, was the punch. Well, spiked punch. Jimmy served some to his new found love and she thought it was delicious. He drank some himself and it helped loosen up his legs. He wasn’t much of a dancer but he sure loved to dance when he was drinking. She loved to dance regardless of her intoxication levels and was an intoxicating sight.

As the DJ played a slow song, the boss called Jimmy over, interrupting their dance.

“Jimmy, you two seem to be getting along way better than I anticipated.”

“Yea, boss, you got a great daughter.”

“Keep your voice down! She’s a great girl. That’s it. Got it? I trust that you’ve been treating her well.”

“Of course.” He paused and mustered some courage. “With your blessing, I’d like to keep on dating her. She seems to like me and I’m starting to fall for her.”

“She hit you over the head that hard, Jimmy?” He looks around and finds his daughter getting some more spiked punch. “She’s my only family left, Jimmy. You have my blessing but you are dead if you hurt her.”

“Understood, boss.”

As they’re talking there’s some commotion at the driveway. The boss can’t believe the nerve of the crew of cars that just pulled up. Six cars belonging to the boss from competing turf. He knows those cars. Panic strikes him. He knows why they are here. The crew starts opening their doors with guns already drawn. It’s all happening in slow motion. He won’t be able to get to his daughter. He needs to buy her some time. He looks at Jimmy and Jimmy knows.

“Jimmy, you have one task.” he says rushed and panicked. “Get to the punch line!”

The End.