I ran into objective-c++ when attempting to complete my simple stacker clone. It turned out to be a way bigger pain than I had drive to complete the game. So, it currently sits with some compiler warnings about C++ inclusions in an objective-c file. After switching over all the files in the project to .mm, i’m still running into the issue. Then I realized that I have several (rather large) included objective-c libraries as well that may also need switching…

So, it sits.


I recently created a maze generator and solver using the Depth-First search algorithm. Primarily, I was bored. However, I chose the “maze” topic because my son likes mazes.

Here’s a video of the solver:

Here’s the generation code in objective-c:
**Update**: I removed the code from here since I’ve added the repo to github. https://github.com/wlejon/cocos2d-maze

Next up, I’ll be creating a “stacker” clone. Something like: this. I should have that done by next week around this time (a level, of course, not a whole game).

Sun Java 6 Ubuntu 10.10

This took me a bit to figure out tonight.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sun-java-community-team/sun-java6
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk

IE7/8 Display issue with PIE/DD_Roundies

Oh, IE. How I loathe thee. In this case, I might just dislike the fact that I need libraries to make you look cool.

Seems when jQuery handles a click event with an element that has PIE/DD_Roundies controlling the VML, the VML does not get refreshed.

The resolution seems to be to manually call update on the element to the respective VML creating library.

// reapply our VML
if (typeof DD_roundies != 'undefined') {
} else if (typeof PIE != 'undefined') {

It seems like the above would be the simplest way to accomplish refreshing the loaded VML.