I recently wrote the functionality for a mobile site using jQuery Mobile. I began writing the code for it in December of 2010. At that time, the framework was in alpha 2. It had it’s rough edges, but was overall solid.

I’m excited at how well the site went even though the framework was in alpha. I’m excited at how much press the site got after launch.

The reason I mention it is because I’ve been thinking about writing a mobile wordpress for a while. I know one exists. But it’s not what I had in mind.

What I have in mind is a blog post that reads like a book. Enough text to fill the screen, then you flip it like a book. When you finish a post, you have a few posts to choose from and pagination is done by flipping around on the screen. I want a native app feel across most devices. Something like this feels simple to write with jQuery mobile.

Just another plugin I want to put together.